What Exactly Circumcision Is


Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin. The foreskin is a small piece of skin that covers the top part of the penis. Its primary function is to protect the head of the penis and facility in increasing sexual sensation. This type of practice is mostly done in the Middle East, America, and most parts of the African continent.

In a recent survey conducted shows that adult circumcision Adelaide, but a new group of medical practitioners suggest otherwise.

They claim unless circumcision is done due to medical reasons like treatment of a disease like pathological phimosis, recurrent urinary tract infections, and recurrent banalities. Any other request to do circumcision with no medical idea like choice and preference, culture or family, or even religious practice or is made to prevent future diseases.

Importance of medical circumcision

  • Ensure high hygiene as it’s easy to clean
  • Reduce and prevent urinary tract infection, especially in babies.
  • Reduce the risk of getting penis cancer
  • Reduces risk of getting sexually transmitted disease commonly known as STD’s
  • Reduce any infection taking place under the foreskin.

Procedure for the circumcision

There are different adult circumcision perth methods available, but all of them must use anesthesia is a must use to reduce pain. Some of the surgical technique includes Gomco clamp, Mogen clamp, and Plastibell device. Most of the procedure will take about 15 to 30 minutes maximum.

 What occurs after circumcision?

Some swelling which sometimes might be a discomfort to the patient

The tip of the penis might appear reddish and unsightly during the healing process for about ten days.

Some small patch of blood might appear on the baby’s nappy.

Some complication that might occur after the surgical procedure

  • Some pain might occur
  • Sometimes bleeding will occur
  • Sometimes the foreskin will be cut too short and too long
  • Some irritation on the head of the penis
  • There is reduced sensitivity, especially during sexual pleasure.

Procedure for taking care of a circumcised child or new borne

Cuddle and comfort the baby more often.

Frequently apply petroleum jelly around the wound to prevent it from sticking, especially after changing the diaper.

Clean and bath the child more frequently, especially the penis area.

Seek any medical condition

  • If you might experience anything out of the ordinary, it’s advisable to see the doctor immediately
  • Frequent blooding around the wound
  • Change in color with especially blue or black discoloration in the penis
  • High fever
  • Continues pain
  • Continues swelling and redness on the penis especially if it continues for more than three days
  • Failure to urinate

High level of genital hygiene

A young child foreskin is usually has attached to the penis up to the age of five years old. Before then, don’t try to pull back the foreskin as it’s not ready. It might damage very delicate tissue and might Cause scare in the penis.

For most boys, the foreskin becomes loose after five years until they reach puberty. After puberty, the foreskin should easily retractable, thus making it easy to wash, and it’s easy to cut off.